Mastering the HardStyle Kettlebell Swing

The Ultimate Exercise for Fat Loss, High-Yield Cardio and Explosive Power

With Master RKC, Mark Reifkind and Tracy Reifkind, RKC

DVD 3 hours 5 minutes

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Get the ripped physique, the ultra-conditioning and the explosive power you always wanted—in minimum time and for minimum expense…As its title indicates, Mastering the HardStyle™ Kettlebell Swing provides absolutely everything you need, to knock it out of the performance park—and enjoy a new life of supreme strength and vitality. Detailed, scientifically-structured progressions give you a rock-solid technical foundation and proficiency. Two bonus, follow-along workouts further instruct and inspire you to achieve the ultimate in fat loss, high-yield cardio and explosive power.

"I am 40 years old and started with kettlebells two years ago out of desperation. I had chronic low back pain and sciatica, and heard about them from a 64 year old kinesiologist who had fixed his own back problems with just the swing. Fast forward two years, and I am doing about 2,000 swings per month and my back has improved about 80%."—Tom Rooney, Dayton, OH

"In The Royal Family of Exercise,
The Kettlebell Swing Is King"


Get the ripped physique, the ultra-conditioning and the explosive power you always wanted—in minimum time
and for minimum expense…


Since Pavel Tsatsouline introduced the modern world to the glories of HardStyle™ kettlebell training in 2001, the fitness landscape has changed forever. This simple tool, the kettlebell, when used as part of Pavel’s now legendary HardStyle™ system, has helped sculpt finely-chiseled new physiques—with dramatic power to match—for tens of thousands of grateful recipients.

Master RKC, Mark Reifkind and RKC, Tracy Reifkind are uniquely qualified to help YOU TOO rapidly achieve the same spectacular physical transformations.

As a former college gymnast, powerlifting champion, national coach, competitive bodybuilder, ultra-marathoner and the founder of the first-ever studio in the US devoted entirely to kettlebell training, Mark brings a wealth of experience and expertise in his presentation of the secrets of the HardStyletm kettlebell swing.

Tracy’s innovative kettlebell swing programming and personal 100lb plus weight loss story have won her national acclaim—and a position of honor in Tim Ferriss’s runaway bestseller The 4-Hour Body.

As its title indicates, Mastering the HardStyle™ Kettlebell Swing provides absolutely everything you need, to knock it out of the performance park—and enjoy a new life of supreme strength and vitality. Detailed, scientifically-structured progressions give you a rock-solid technical foundation and proficiency. Two bonus, follow-along workouts further instruct and inspire you to achieve the ultimate in fat loss, high-yield cardio and explosive power.

Get these 9 great benefits from the HardStyle™ kettlebell swing:


1) build more muscle—with a chiseled, compact, toned look

2) lose fat—in a hurry, but with long-term, sustainable results

3) increase strength—with surprising carry-over for innumerable physical activities

4) train hardcore cardio—for a powerful, "ageless" heart

5) build speed and power—to be as explosive and as dynamic as you want to be

6) increase your work capacity—to go longer and harder at any task

7) develop muscles you never knew you had—for a perfectly proportioned physique

8) strengthen and stabilize your back—a major key to pain-free, high-level performance and athletic longevity

9) build powerful legs—without wrecking your knees

Who is Mastering the HardStyle™ Kettlebell Swing For?


1) You’ve been hearing about kettlebells and don’t know where to start.

2) You’ve heard that nothing burns more calories or works more muscle than kettlebell swing training but you don’t live close to a certified instructor and want to learn the best and the safest way to swing the KB.

3) You’re a trainer who wants to get kettlebell certified and wants to know the details of how the RKC teaches the "Center of its Universe", The swing.

4) You’ve tried other kettlebell methods and haven’t gotten the in depth, detailed instruction you want.

5) You’re a busy person who doesn’t have all day to go to the gym and spend hours on a bike, lifting weights and doing yoga to maintain a base level of fitness and tone. You need a much more efficient solution .The HardStyle Kettlebell Swing.

6) You want to get strong at the same time you get your cardio in and don’t have time for both.

7) You’re small and you want to build up.

8) You’re too big and you want to slim down.

9) You’re a serious minimalist who loves the idea of one bell, one weight and one movement for a total body, complete workout.

10) You’re a high mileage comrade who’s been through the mill and whose knees and back can’t tolerate what they used to. You need a serious exercise that just builds you up without tearing you down. You’re no longer training for ‘fitness’, you are training for Life.

11) You’re a serious competitive athlete that wants to know one of the best tools around for building and maintaining amazing power and speed that translates big time to your strength lifts and sport. In Sport, Speed is King, and Power is Queen. Nothing builds both like the HardStyle Kettlebell Swing.

12) You’re no longer a beginner kettlebell trainer and are ready to go into Deep Skill; the subtleties and nuances interest you.

13) You want to know how to do the only exercise that my wife Tracy used to achieve incredible muscle tone and strength after losing over 100 lbs.

Mastering the HardStyle™ Kettlebell Swing, as the title implies is entirely devoted to the swing: the drills, the skills, the progressions, the cues, the shortcuts and the corrections to commonly made mistakes in the basic four versions of the swing.

It’s as close to being taught the swing at an HKC or RKC as you can get.

 And even though the swing is a very basic movement, it’s a lot trickier than people think to learn on their own. Especially if they don’t know the critical progressions that have been hammered out to a fine sheen through many RKC certifications and innumerable discussions and analysis of the Chief Instructor, the Master and Senior Instructor Corp of the RKC.


Read Reviews For: Mastering the HardStyle Kettlebell Swing
Rated 9.34/10
Rated 10/10 BEST DVD on the SWING I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Franz Snideman Senior RKC / San Diego, CA, USA

If the SWING is the center of the training universe, than Mark and Tracy’s new DVD is the GUIDE BOOK on how to navigate your training through this universe. I have literally watched this DVD 5 out of the last 6 nights with pen and paper in hand. This DVD walks the kettlebell newbie and the seasoned kettlebell veteran to SWING MASTERY.
The drills, stretches and movements taught in this DVD are the best I have seen anywhere in the industry. Mark and Tracy, with their many decades of combined experience, will have you swinging your kettlebell with more POWER, GRACE, and INTENTION. The RESULTS will be: an increase in FAT LOSS, better stamina, STRENGH, POWER, MOBILITY, ATHLETICISM, body awareness and overall movement skills.
To say I am impressed with this DVD is an understatement. I have had the opportunity to learn directly from Mark and Tracy as well as the honor of teaching alongside them and I can say it total sincerity that this is like having them teach you a private HKC or RKC in your living room. This DVD is a serious GAME CHANGER!! As Mark and Tracy teach, if you were to focus on only one movement to deliver total body power, strength and WORK CAPACITY, look no further than the KETTLEBELL SWING. Get this DVD and master the SWING and take your physique and body function to the highest possible level.

Rated 10/10 The Perfect Instructional DVD
By Nick Kiussis / Cleveland, OH, United States

I was happy to receive the Mastering The Hardstyle Kettlebell swing. I quickly saw that it was filled with helpful and thorough in depth details to truly understand the exercise, in terms of both biomechanics and application. I have two wrestling sons in the house and wanted them to take advantage of this instruction to give them the nuts and bolts of how to break into and then master working with kettlebells. I already own Convict Conditioning and knew that Dragon Door was the place that I could turn to self educate myself in order to further my sons....and myself. Thank you for these fine products and I am sure to delve further into the strength treasure trove that is Dragon Door.

Rated 10/10 A MUST for beginners ... and intermediates alike!
By Albert Trudeau / Paris, TX, USA

I've been seriously training with kettlebells for about a year now, and I'm very convinced that if kettlebells aren't the main workout/sport/exercise... they should at least be included as the "core" of your sports and conditioning program. I'm 54 years old and I've been training most of my life as a 'powerlifter'. I had to substitute kettlebells for my weights due to time and space limitations. I sought out a personal (kettlebell) trainer (Farrah Lin) and I was very impressed with how strong she was in relation to her bodyshape; she definitely kept her 'feminine' look. Anyways, after about a month, I became "hooked"; kettlebells are very intense! I can honestly attribute them for cleaning up my weak posterior chain. I've worked up to 48kgs in the (two-handed) swings, cleans, and the TGU's have really helped with my lower back problems. I got this DVD recently, to re-check my form in these exercises. This DVD really delved into the deeper aspects of these exercises. I've played this DVD at least ten times on my computer already! Kettlebells should be the core fitness routine for ALL women (and most men too!).

Rated 10/10 Essential DVD
By David Whitley, Master RKC / Nashville, TN, USA

I have had the honor of seeing Master RKC Mark Reifkind teach many times and every time he inspires me to be a better instructor. His story of restoring physical function through smart training and consistency is always inspiring. His wife Tracy also shares of the greatest success stories to come out of their training facility by losing over 120lbs and completely transforming herself. A cornerstone element of both their stories is the Hardstyle Kettelbell swing.

The DVD Mastering the Hardstyle Kettlebell Swing is the closest thing you can get to being in the room with Mark and Tracy going over the progressions from beginning to end. It is as close to putting the swing segment from the HKC workshop in a box as you will ever see. This DVD is essential for anyone who wants to maximize their ability.

Rated 10/10 Master the movement with the Master trainer!
By Andrew Read / RKC Team Leader, Australia

I've seen kettlebell training from all levels - from beginner workshops to the HKC to the RKC and beyond. What the Reifkinds have done here is give you the single best tool to start your kettlebell education with.

With every single step needed to go from "never touched a kettlebell before" to wanting to attend an instructor certification like the HKC Mastering the Kettlebell Swing is the perfect product.

Because the swing is so central to both the RKC system as well as the practice of all ballistic kettlebell lifts the skills, tips and drills in this DVD will fast track your progress to more advanced skills. I believe it is so good that you could actually press play on the DVD and walk out of the room during an HKC and let the Rif's teach the swing for you!

Rif has championed the swing long before the kettlebell's surge in popularity and it is fitting that the team that used the swing to rehabilitate a broken body and shed 100lbs are now teaching others how to get the same benefits they did. With real-world proven results from this simple exercise the Reifkinds will share with you how you too can master this elegant yet powerful movement.

Rated 10/10 A Great Blend of Information, Passion and Personal
By Bill Hysell, CSCS / Frankfort, NY, USA

This is by far the best exercise DVD I have ever used. The first DVD walks you through the component skills and explains the progressions that go into the swing. The second DVD has two excellent workouts that reinforce the fundamentals and challenge you in a real world functional series of exercises. The Reifkinds are both knowledgeable and convey this knowledge in a very professional, yet fun, manner. I have been working out for over 40 years and this is an excellent example of what fitness and practice should be. I use it personally and share it with my friends and clients. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Rated 10/10 This DVD has my highest recommendation!
By Lauren Brooks, RKC Team Leader / San Diego, CA, US

The Kettlebell Swing, being the most important kettlebell exercise to master, is one that you need to spend lots of time practicing. Most people don't understand how important and key this exercise is. Over the years the HardStyle swing has evolved to a better more efficient exercise than it already is. Tracy and Mark do an excellent job breaking down this foundation exercise for anyone from the beginner to the seasoned kettlebell enthusiast. This comprehensive DVD will not only perfect your kettlebell swing, but will show you how to use kettlebell swings the "Tracy Reifkind" style in a workout. This DVD has my highest recommendation!

Rated 10/10 Time and Money Well-Invested
By Tom Rooney / Dayton, USA

I am 40 years old and started with kettlebells two years ago out of desperation. I had chronic low back pain and sciatica, and heard about them from a 64 year old kinesiologist who had fixed his own back problems with just the swing. Fast forward two years, and I am doing about 2000 swings per month and my back has improved about 80%.

I purchased this DVD because I want my swing to be the best it can be. The DVD is replete with stretches to improve range of motion, and drills, and workouts designed to entrain good form into your motor memory so that your technique improves. An example: doing planks immediately prior to two-handed swings makes it much easier to correctly lock out at the top of the swing than just grabbing a bell and starting to swing "cold." Think about it--at the top of the swing you are bracing your abs and firing your glutes and lats. The lockout is a plank. The DVD is filled with little tricks like this.

The second DVD has two workouts (or more correctly, one practice session with close to 200 swings and several other movements, and one training session with about 500 swings). I don't do the training workout--I can't do 500 swings in one session at this point. I do routinely revisit the practice session about once per week and use that as an alternative to my kettlebell training for that day.

This is a beginner's DVD, and I define a beginner as someone with fewer than 50,000 swings under their belt. It is a good introduction to hardstyle as well. I would recommend this DVD to anyone who is new to kettlebells or who has been training on their own (i.e. not with an RKC/HKC instructor) for 5 years or less.

Rated 10/10 Excellent, Necessary and Highly Recommended:
By Phil Ross, RKC Team Leader / Philadelphia, PA, USA

Mark and Tracy Reifkind have brought a Swing Seminar to your home or gym. All aspects of preparation, adaptations and variations of the Kettlebell Swing are addressed in detail. Verbal and visual cues, how to correctly perform the various swing types and avoid mistakes are all covered in this excellent presentation. You feel as if the Reifkinds are in the room with you.
This video is not only for the beginner. The detail and complete explanation of proper swing execution is even more beneficial to the seasoned girevik.
Congratulations on this well thought out, explicitly presented video tutorial on the cornerstone movement of Kettlebells - The Swing. I will recommend this video to my clients and colleagues alike

Rated 10/10 Must Have!
By Maribel Medina / San Jose, CA, USA

I almost feel inadequate giving a review after all the ones written from RKC instructors. I'm not a personal trainer just a woman working on getting fit. That said, this DVD is a MUST for a novice as well as a seasoned trainer. The amount of information is invaluable. It's technical without going over the heads of most people learning to swing. From the stretches to the drills, it covers every aspect of the swing. I've been training with kettlebells for about 10 months and I know you have to always keep conscious of your form. This DVD will remind you of all the steps. I learned so much from this DVD about body composition, major muscles, their function and how to use them. How to correct most common mistakes and even how to identify these common mistakes because knowing you did it wrong is the first step. Not everyone has the ability to work 1-1 with an certified RKC instructor, so this is the next best thing. From a "civilian" point of view, this DVD is highly recommended.

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