Rated 10/10 The best video i've watched for one-arm pull-ups!
By Liam Berryman / Isle of Wight, East Cowes, United Kingdom

Fantastic and helpful step by step progressions towards one of the most impressive feat of strength exercises! The hints at the beginning were very good and mention a few things they don't have in the book. So its well worth a watch even for those who have already read the book.

Rated 10/10 Paul Wade's material ALWAYS a 10
By Brice Menaugh / Bedford, IN, USA

Everything that has been released in the CC series is a 10.
I have been a Personal Trainer for few years now and I can truly say its all a 10.
This DVD is a treasure chest of the best info out there on how to accomplish the one arm chin! Get this DVD!


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