Rated 10/10 What You Should Know About Andrea Du Cane and The Kettlebell Boomer
By Sarah Lurie, Author of Kettlebells For Dummies / Montecito, California

Have you ever wondered how to overcome your physical limitations (or your clients) to optimize your performance and get real results from your kettlebell workouts?

When I owned my gym, 90% of my clients were boomers who came to me with some sort of pre-existing injury or impingement that limited the progress we could make together. Of course as an RKC, I had some tools in my toolbox to help them make breakthroughs, but I didn't have The Kettlebell Boomer. I remember both of us walking out of some training sessions frustrated that we didn't make the progress we intended to make. Has this ever been you?

If the answer is yes, you have to watch The Kettlebell Boomer with Master RKC, Andrea Du Cane. Du Cane's DVD is one of the most important kettlebell DVD's available for both trainers and kettlebell enthusiasts- here is why:

Students in the DVD are varied in their limitations you will find either yourself or your client in this DVD
Du Cane teaches you with sound methods how to work within and even overcome limitations
You will learn how to reverse the effects of aging in a easy to understand format- Du Cane is professional and engaging
Complete and thorough instruction on how to adapt certain exercises to specific limitations
Du Cane demonstrates how to shatter plateaus, boost performance and maximize results!

Did you know boomers are estimated to be 80 million strong by 2020? As a trainer you must know how to train this group of people and as a boomer you should know that you don't need to be limited in your kettlebell training.

What was the experience you had recently that left you feeling frustrated after a training session? I am willing to bet that after you watch The Kettlebell Boomer DVD you will no longer feel like you (or your client) just didn't do enough or that you (or your client) just can't perform certain kettlebell exercises. Get The Kettlebell Boomer now!

Rated 10/10 A must have companion to her book
By Dave Murray / Phoenix, AZ, USA

I bought her book "The Ageless Body" first. An excellent book with a work your way up schedule that was just what I was looking for. The problem with books about how to move (try learning Taiji from a book) is that you can't see the flow. This video fixes that. It shows how to properly (and that's important) perform the movements and also has a "class" where four people are performing the exercises at each of the four ability levels. You can join the class and do the version that is right for you.

It's well done. I do recommend that you also have the book that I mentioned first for the schedule if you are starting out way out of shape and are new to kettlebells. It's worth it.

The routines seem well worked out for the intended audience. So many exercise videos have young strong people doing routines that are inappropriate for boomers and seniors. I'm glad that I bought this and am well satisfied with how it's going.

Rated 10/10 Just what I was looking for!
By Tony Vaughan / Fort McCoy, FL, USA

I was looking for a DVD on the use of kettlebells for someone in my age bracket (60); that is a beginner; and that would take into consideration the physical limits that often comes with age and prior physical injuries. This DVD is it! Andrea Du Cane did an excellent job on this DVD. When a couple of questions popped up, I e-mailed Andrea and had my questions answered with 24 hours. Way to go Andrea!

Rated 10/10 I Love it!
By Pam Gielow / Fort Wayne, IN, USA

I'm an Occupational Therapy Assistant and I work in a Transitional Rehab Facility. I have a wide variety of clientele , but I can always use the kettlebell for functional training, which is what my job is! I really liked the accommodations, it gave me a lot of great ideas. From this video I also felt confident enough to share my love of kettlebells with my co-workers, and now we have a small group that works out at lunch time. I was also impressed with the amount of time that was spent on form, that's another thing that us therapists like to instill is proper form! Very nice DVD.

Rated 10/10 THE one to start kettlebells with, as a 'senior'.
By Vanessa Walters / Red Cloud, NE, USA

Recently, I did a kettlebells dvd (with a 9# kettlebell), and I was appalled with how the workouts were set up, the moves done. I did a short workout on it (21 minutes with warm up, and cooldown). I attempted to add on another short workout from this dvd; gave up and put in Andrea's Ageless Body dvd and did the cardio workout. What a difference! Andrea is very keen on form, safety, and doing the moves, but NOT hurting yourself. There ARE kettlebell dvds which ought to NOT be on the market. I heartily recommend Andrea's.

Rated 10/10 Possibly The Most Important DVD Made Since ETK...
By Geoff Neupert, Master RKC / Durham, NC

I felt compelled to watch this dvd and even more compelled to write this review. Watching it reminded me of my parents and the necessity to get the transformative power of the kettlebell into the hands of the Baby Boomer Generation. This dvd will do just that.

The most amazing thing about "The Kettlebell Boomer" is not just Andrea's 4-stage breakdown of the exercises for just about anybody at any age level, but was actually watching two men - 58 and 63, and two ladies, 60 and 65 - gracefully take their kettlebells through their paces.

"The Kettlebell Boomer" truly demonstrates that kettlebells are for EVERYBODY and no bodies need it more right now than the Boomers. This dvd is the solution to aging gracefully and it couldn't come at a better time than now. My hope is that members of the Boomer generation, with the help of my generation (Gen-X), experience what we already know - that "when we say kettlebells, we mean strength. And when we say strength, we mean kettlebells."

Rated 10/10 76 million people need this dvd
By Mark Reifkind Master Instructor RKC / San Jose, Ca.

Andrea DuCane is not a Master Instructor for nothing. She has been there from the beginning of the Kettlebell Invasion and is still leading from the front. In fact, she was my Team Leader when I got certified in 2005 and was a tough, fair and exacting instructor.

She only wanted you to do things technically correct so that you could make the best progress you could,safely. Her emphasis on technique and execution over sheer loads makes a big difference,especially when on is in the second half of their journey.

Her interest in working with the general population lead her to always emphasize corrective drills, stretching, mind body connection and safety first, way before it became so popular.

Her newest DVD Kettlebells for Boomers is perfect for those that want a solid introduction to all the basic kb exercises as well as progressions and techniques that let them go slowly into this brave and perhaps scary new world of the kettlebell.

Given that there are 76 million people in this age range this is a product that needed to be made.

One of the charges we ask of ourselves when certifying potential RKC's is whether we would feel safe having them train our Mothers. With this DVD any instructor will have even more tools to safely bring deconditioned, older people into the kettlebell community with confidence.

Well done Andrea, this is a fantastic DVD!

Rated 10/10 Excellent DVD
By Brett Jones / Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania United States

"Kettlebell Boomer DVD by Andrea DuCane is full of excellent progressions, variations and techniques targeted at the "senior" population.
Trainers will want this product so they can effectively integrate the Kettlebell into the routines of their "senior" clients and Seniors will want this product to enhance their own Kettlebell practice or to enter into Kettlebell training. With 4 experience levels, the "self screen" and the variations and progressions provided, this DVD can open the world of KB training to the older clientele."

Brett Jones, Master RKC, CSCS, CK-FMS

Rated 10/10 Just what I need!!!!!
By Jim Klotz / Ocala, Fl., United States

I have Tracy Riefkind's swing DVDs. With Kettlebell Boomer, My basics are in place. Andrea is an excellent instructor. No RKC or HKC within 75 miles of my residence. I am grateful for these 3 DVDs to help master the basics since no certified instructors are close to home. By the way, I celebrate 68 yrs. 2012.

Rated 10/10 WOW - What an amazing gift for an AMAZING generation!
By Karen Smith - RKC II, CK-FMS / Virginia Beach, VA

As an Instructor, I want nothing more than to be able to help my family as I do my clients. However, they live out of state and only seem to remember so much from each visit. But now with this fabulous new BOOMER DVD, I am excited that they will be able to continue learning.

Andrea did a tremendous job. The Introduction is very thorough. The Self Screen is very simple, clear to understand and extremely important for those who do not have an instructor near by. Each exercise is explained in great detail and easy to follow. I think having different levels of athletes to follow was brilliant and gives each person room to grow with this one DVD.

The background is soothing and the music doesn't over power. Andrea's approach and progressions will make everyone feel comfortable. And the Athlete interviews show REAL people moving well and proves that at any age you too can gain strength and defy the aging process. Why not start now?

I am looking forward to taking this DVD home for the holidays to get my family following along with Andrea's Boomer Athletes.

Rated 9/10 Excellent product for anybody using kettlebells
By Owen Brown / Wales, UK

I own many kettlebell intructional DVDs and I think that this is probably the best. I am far more confident in teaching people correct kettlebell form as a result of watching it. It combines many different aspects into just one DVD, including:
- a simple movement screen, with adapted exercises for people with impaired mobility
- excellent instruction of the the various moves
- 2 different workouts, strength and cardio
- workouts include a proper warmup, including great joint mobility drills as found in super joints and some of Steve Maxwells stuff
- A Turkish Getup section, with detailed instruction of how to perform it
- A section on balance

There is a LOT of content on this disk, and although it was expensive (?29 from kettlebell fever in the uk) I believe that it offers very good value for money.

If your a beginner, buy it, if you want to teach kettlebells to others, buy it. Do not be put off by the over 50s thing, anybody would benefit from watching this DVD.

Rated 10/10 Incredible Resource for all ages!!!! A MUST HAVE DVD!!!!!!!!
By Franz Snideman RKC TL / San Diego, CA

In 2002 I was introduced to Pavel's RKC style of kettlebell training and it changed my life and the direction of my business forever. Now, 8 years later, I am more excited about this system of training than I was back then and it is watching Andrea Du Cane's new DVD "The Kettlebell Boomer" that has once again proven how awesome a system we have. Andrea's DVD will change the industry and change the collective mindset many people have about aging, the elderly and exercise. This DVD is the best I have seen in breaking down the foundational principles of RKC kettlebell training and how to apply it to the "Boomer" generation. With a thorough breakdown of the Deadlift, Squat, Swing, Press, Plank, Joint mobility and corrective stretching, this DVD is complete. So whether you are a total newbie or an advanced kettlebell user, there are intelligent progressions for everyone.
It is so encouraging to see the 4 people in this DVD between the ages of 58 and 65 use the kettlebell with power, strength and precision.

Before Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile, scientists said the human body could not physically run the mile in under 4 minutes. The day after he broke it, I wonder how many scientists were busy removing their feet from their mouths. The fact is that we live in a society that expects weakness as we age and unfortunately the masses have believed the LIE! Andrea's DVD is AMAZING because it shows to the world that getting older is not a curse and that one's later years CAN be lived in a body that is strong, powerful, graceful, beautiful and intelligent. This DVD is for both young and old because we all know older people that are in dire need of help (as well as younger people).

It has been said that "Knowledge is power." I disagree with that statement. APPLIED knowledge is power! And that is what Andrea gives us in the BOOMER DVD, the KNOWLEDGE and APPLICATION on how to intelligently apply RKC training principles to a person of any age. Congratulations Andrea!!! You hit a home run on this one!!!!!

Rated 10/10 Outstanding from start to finish!
By Michael A. Krivka, RKC / Gaithersburg, MD

"The Kettlebell Boomer" by Master RKC Andrea DuCane is an outstanding presentation of the fundamental kettlebell and movement skills that everyone should have but in this instance she is focusing her laser-like attention on the "Boomers" and their needs.

This DVD provides the viewer with a unique presentation of all the skills by multiple athletes with a variety of mobility, flexibility and fitness levels. This makes "The Kettlebell Boomer" the most "real world and approachable" presentation of kettlebell movement and skills than anything else that I have ever seen. One of the most important aspects of this groundbreaking DVD is that it demonstrates that the kettlebell is a tool for everyone and "every-body" - and not just for the chiseled "hard bodies" in tight t-shirts!

In addition to the excellent teaching and coaching points (the technique and workout pre-screening sections are worth the price of the DVD) the sample workouts are demonstrated and scaled so that they are well within the reach of nearly everyone. Being able to watch the athletes perform the workouts at different skill and work capacities is a valuable aspect that makes this DVD so valuable.

"The Kettlebell Boomer" is the new "gold standard" for introducing people to kettlebells and movement skills that will improve their daily lives, enhance their strength, mobility and agility, and roll back the sands of time.

Outstanding work Comrade Andrea!

Rated 10/10 A Powerful Paradigm Shift for training Boomers! A DVD for all age groups!
By Yoana Teran Snideman RKC Team Leader / San Diego, CA

As a physical therapist I have always enjoyed the challenge of helping people change their mentality and limiting beliefs they have regarding exercise, rehabilitation and performance. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard" Oh, I'm fifty (or sixty or seventy) years old and I can't squat." Or, "I'm too old to lift weights." This type of mentality keeps people trapped in a cage of fear and it leads quickly to disease, degeneration, pain, suffering and depression. My goal has always been and will always be to get people from day one to believe in their potential and take positive action toward their fitness and health goals. Andrea Du Cane with her new "Kettlebell Boomer" DVD has blazed the trail for all of us with a totally new paradigm shift in regard to the Baby Boom generation and beyond.

What is her message? The message is this: the older generation can and should use RKC kettlebell principles and because of that they will absolutely THRIVE into the golden years with this approach. Don't believe me? Watch the DVD and appreciate the function and mindset of these wonderful kettlebell enthusiasts between the ages of 58 and 65 years young. The jury is in folks: We all get older; this is inevitable. But strength, power and health are worth fighting for. The RKC methods that Andrea teaches are effective because they are based on BEDROCK principles that will work for everyone if you apply them.

The BAR HAS JUST BEEN RAISED because now we know that people of any age can lead a life of strength, power and resilience. Andrea, I love your DVD and I know thousands (and hopefully Millions) of people will benefit from your excellent instruction and programming.

Yoana Teran Snideman, RKC Team Leader

Rated 10/10 It's About Time!
By Eileen C Cherry-Chandler / Bowling Green, Ohio United States

Thank you Andrea. I "discovered" kettlebells at age 57. I'll be 60 this year. I need this! I need this! I have been collecting info and DVDs and 'Goddess' was one of my early purchases. Kettlebells have really helped me. I love it and after previewing "Boomers" on your website, I quickly placed my order. I'm so inspired by the "boomer" profiles and I'm sure it will match the sophistication and quality of your previous productions.

Rated 10/10 Just stick with it
By C Pritchett / Birmingham, AL, USA

Great for my age which is actually a couple of years older than the boomers. It is a significant workout and after 5 days it is proving to be very worthwhile. Be patient and stick with it!

Rated 10/10 An Intelligent Application of Hardstyle
By Mark Toomey, RKC Team Leader, CK-FMS, CSCS / Reno, NV

Many of us were lucky enough to watch Andrea present Working With Special Populations a few years back in St Paul and now, she has put the same thoughtful, caring approach in Kettlebell Boomer. If you work with older clients and are looking for a way to challenge them in a controlled, intelligent manner, Kettlebell Boomer should be in your toolbox. Afraid that your approach is too "hardstyle" for an aging clientele? Spend an hour watching Andrea walk older athletes of all fitness levels though a complete, challenging workout and you'll have a script to follow, a road map of what to do, but more importantly, how to do it right. Studying Andrea's instruction style should be a requirement for anyone working in the fitness industry, and it's a must for anyone training a beloved parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle. This is the kind of material that reminds us why the RKC is considered the leader in fitness instruction, and why Dragon Door is the ultimate source for ALL things kettlebell.

Rated 10/10 well worth the price!
By vanessa walters / Red Cloud, Neb.

I saw this on the DragonDoor website, decided to get it. Andrea DuCane is an excellent teacher. I especially appreciate her athletes being older people, each with his/her health issues,willing to take on a challenge of learning kettlebells to get fit and stay that way. Her instruction of the different moves is precise and detailed. I have not tried the get-up teaching (a move I dont like to do); but Ive done both the cardio and the strength and the balance workouts. I would advise using a light kettlebell, when you do the cardio and strength workouts the first few times. I did the cardio with an 18# kettlebell, with the intermediate and advanced exercisers and I was stiff and sore for a day or 2. The next time, I tried the strength one, with my 13# kettlebell, and I still got quite a workout. I ordered Andrea's Kettlebell Goddess dvd, I like her teaching that much. This one, however will keep you busy for a while...

Rated 10/10 Perfect for the Baby Boomer!
By Brian Copeland / Aurora, CO

First let me say how happy I am that there is now a DVD like this that targets the Baby Boomer wanting to improve and maintain their fitness into their golden years. Second let me say how happy I am that it was Master RKC Instructor Andrea Du Cane that made it. From the moment I put the DVD in I was impressed how the introduction takes you through how to actually use the DVD. There are 3 different programs, technique sections, safety for before you begin, what types of shoes to wear... or not wear... athlete interviews with men and women in their 50s and 60s who use kettlebells and more.

By the way, if you know anyone who fits the Baby Boomer profile who is sitting on the fence about kettlebell training, show them the athlete interviews! Four people in their 50s and 60s talk about how kettlebell training helped them regain their fitness, strength and confidence. Very inspiring!

The Kettlebell Boomer DVD has progressions for people who may have limited joint ranges of motion or other restrictions. If you can't do one version of the exercise then you are given at least 3 other versions that will fit you better. There are even some screens that will help you to figure out which version of an exercise you should be doing. Another great part of this is that those same 4 Baby Boomer athletes from earlier are training on the video together. One of them even has a hip replacement and does special versions of the exercises to work around it. You can quickly identify which athlete is doing the version of the exercise you should be doing based upon your unique joint restrictions and then follow along with that athlete. The other athletes next to yours may be doing a more advanced version that you can work towards. This was a brilliant inclusion for a DVD of this nature.

Ultimately packed with technique tips, pointers and fun, challenging yet brief workouts that you can follow along to, this is definitely the DVD I would recommend professionally to a Baby Boomer who wants to get started with kettlebells from their home. While it is always a good idea to seek out professional instruction from an RKC certified instructor, if there isn't one around this is the next best thing.

Brian Copeland, RKC, Z-Health Level 4, Progressive Fighting Systems
Owner of Copeland's Core Fitness

Rated 9/10 Cardio vs. Strength Training
By T. Rodge / Newton,MA

I bought the DVD for my wife for Christmas. Even though I bought it for strength training as she suffers from a slightly weak hip bone. She found that she gets a better work-out using the cardio work-out. Overall I am very pleased with the DVD.

Rated 10/10 Age is a Choice
By Sean Schniederjan / St. Paul, MN

The most remarkable thing about this community in my 6 years of being around is not the feats of strength and endurance or even the carryover to seemingly unrelated athletics, it is the reversal of the common notions held about aging.

I now have to refrain myself when I hear someone who is 55 say "I'm too old for such and such." This DVD is the beginning of the reversal of such outdated modes of thinking.

It is also one filed under "why hasn't this been done before?"

Yet the wait was worth it because of the polished, precise delivery of information from Andrea. Few could do this well.

I share Geoff's remarks about marveling at the "senior" athlete's performance of the movements (they own them)and Toomey's remarks about the general soundness of Andrea's methods for the benefit of anyone in fitness industry professional.

You'll find insider tips from all over the RKC and CK-FMS spectrum in Andrea's presentation.

If you have parents or if you find yourself aging chronologically, get it.

Rated 10/10 Get and Gift this DVD!
By Eileen Chandler / Bowling Green, Ohio USA

This is just what I've been looking for! A fitness tape geared toward "seniors" without baggy clothes and big band music! I love this DVD. What a great value and Andrea Du Cane's non-intimidating, but firm and precise cueing makes this a terrific learning tool. When I finished I was pouring with sweat and feeling great. I am not a fitness professional.I've been working with Kettlebells for a year. I'll soon be 60. I love being treated like an athlete and Andrea's attitude toward the participants is not just an illusion - they really have the credentials and personal histories to prove it and they are very inspiring. Love the concept of having each "athlete" demonstrate variations. So I can't have any excuses for not trying a move. I'm making this DVD the centerpiece of my rotation. Did I mention that it's fun too?

Rated 10/10 Fitness for the Second Half of Life
By Kory Dykstra / Gwinn, Michigan

The Kettlebell Boomer is a fantastic product! Having officially entered the second half of my life (with almost three years experience) it is a pleasure to see people a little less young and buff (but still obviously in great shape) doing the workouts. Andrea Du Cane is an exceptional instructor. Her attention to detail is clearly microscopic, and her workouts are extremely well set up. I have done some follow-alongs with the DVD, and have gotten a fantastic workout. This DVD totally changed my perceptions of kettlebells. It has shown me that some of the exercises I was a little apprehensive about doing (because of a lifetime of injuries) are completely doable. Great job, Andrea! Keep 'em coming!

Rated 10/10 outstanding
By Peter Mudar / Wilmington, NC

I am 74 and my wife is 68. We started KB'ing a few months ago and have been looking for a video that caters more to the Boomers. This one hits the mark right on.

Rated 10/10 The Right Product
By Bruce H / Mill Spring, NC, USA

I've been looking for an age specific kettlebell program for a few years now and "The Kettlebell Boomer", has delivered! Now, any boomer at any level of physical health can be an active participant and see results. Whether at the beginner stage or advanced, Andrea Du Cane has isolated these exercises for age specific and physical requirements beautifully. If you've thought about doing kettlebells but been challenged by the intensity of the programs previously introduced, here's your chance to jump in with both feet! You'll really enjoy this exercise dvd. At 64 years of age, I'm looking forward to advancing through all 4 levels and being in the best shape I can be.

Rated 10/10 Great way to get started
By Sharon Patterson / Indianapolis, IN

I am a 64-year-old woman who has just recently become interested in kettle bells. I am very pleased as this DVD takes you step by step in developing a safe, effective kettle bell workout.

Rated 10/10 A Booming Workout
By K. Snowden / Va. Beach, VA USA

My wife and I are in our 50s. We have taken kettlebell lessons from Karen Smith RKCll in Va. Beach.This is an excellent guide for our at home workouts.

Rated 8/10 Really good stuff for the us Kettlebell Boomer
By B.Weakley / Evansville,In

The DVD is well done and the instruction were great. What i really like was how she gave example of how to the exercise if you had a hip replacement or low back issue and other minor medical issues as well.Very easy to follow just good stuff all around.

Rated 9/10 A great program I can get my wife and daughter's involved in!
By Jeffrey jackson / Philadelphia, Pa. USA

This is a clear and precise program for learning and improving your swing and other other exercises. I orginally purchased it for my self,but it breaksdown the movements so well that I feel comfortable getting my wife and daughters involved. Iam 55yrs young and still able to keep up with guys much younger on the basketball court thru my kettlebell training.

Rated 10/10 Great basic intro, especially for people with some limitations
By Patricia / Arcata, CA

The intro to the basic guidelines for using kettlebells is great. I appreciated the use of older "models" and the discussion of how to adapt the kb moves for people with some limitations. The routines provided for strength vs. cardio are also very helpful. I loaned this DVD to my 85 year old father.

Rated 10/10 kinder gentler kettlebells
By Elise / Wichita, KS

I have used kb's for 15 years. I still use my old workouts but find this workout is kinder to joints and a back that has had some injuries. I become alittle impatient with the amount of time taken for stretching and found all the instruction tedious but at the same time it was a good review of technique. This is excellant for someone who has never used kb's or who has had injury. I also use the workouts on the days when I just can't face the rigor of the tougher workouts either mentally or physically.

Rated 10/10 Finally, a fitness DVD and equipment I enjoy!
By Martha T. / Boston, MA USA

Hello from a "real" person -- 55 year-old woman, 50 pounds overweight, sedentary lifestyle, with dozens of barely-used fitness DVD's. For couch potatoes like me, the hardest part of exercise is just finding something we enjoy doing. Everyone has different tastes, and I'm sure that not everyone will like kettlebells. But if you're looking for a no-nonsense, **efficient**, whole-body workout that takes care of strength training and cardio together, requires only one or two little pieces of equipment, takes up hardly any floor space, helps you feel better after the very first workout, and gets you psyched to set new goals, try this! Maybe you'll find yourself doing few box squats and Russian twists between workouts, just because you can :)

Rated 10/10 Something special
By Kaye R. / Minneapolis, MN

I ordered this as soon as I heard about it. All Andrea's work is
great, but this is something special: it gives me hope that even
I, a broken-down wreck of 74, might recover some mobility and
strength. What impressed me most, I think,
is that each "athlete" switches between levels of modification
for each exercise; no one of them always does the easiest. And
Andrea doesn't talk down to you--just do what you can do!
Thank you, Dragon Door! I'm dusting off my kettlebells.

Rated 8/10 Great for the aging beginner boomer
By John Vinci, Iron & Stone Fitness / Winnipeg,MB Canada

Wow this video hits home for the beginner kettlebell boomer. Well taught as usual and made for the first time kettlebeller. Easy to follow and with 4 choices of execution anyone can start getting fit with kettlebells - safely and effectively.

Rated 10/10 Committment to Form
By Sharon Nelson, RKC / Eden Prairie

This is the only DVD I would recommend to my newer students starting to train with kettlebells. Andrea's options for students of various levels, keeps the student safe and the workouts realistic. Andrea is a master at breaking down the form to it's most basic level. As an RKC instructor myself, it has helped me to go the most fundamental level, perfect my own form to be most effective in my own teaching. I am thrilled to have this DVD as a tool and would recommend this to all new students as well as RKC instructors of all levels.

Rated 10/10 Very detailed and helpful DVD for 2 beginners,
By Gary Mickel / Arlington, VA, USA

My Wife an I are beginners to Kettlebells and this DVD has been very helpful at instructing us on what to do when starting the RKC way of using a Kettlebell. I have in the past been a Runner,Cyclist,Triathlete and spent some years lifting free weights but did not want to go back to the free weights that take so long to work individual muscle groups but I do want to gain overall strength and be able to go back to running instead of walking,cycling outside instead of stationary and swim eventually to triathlons but I must loose weight and get in shape first to begin again. My Wife just wants to gain some strength and do some cardio with the kettlebells and loose weight in the process and I think that now we will be able to begin our quests thanks to this valuable DVD. We do not have an RKC or CK-FMS available anywhere near us but I have found an HKC within 50 miles that may be able to help us some and I may use a Personal Trainer certified in corrective exercise with over 20 years experience at that and is a runner,triathlete himself. He also works with people my age and works on balance and muscle strength balance and flexibility. I hope someone in my area will become RKC,CK-FMS certified but am looking at HKC courses in Texas to take myself.

Rated 10/10 Very Impressive
By J R / Austin, TX, USA

I read through all these reviews before making my purchase of this dvd, and was very pleased when I watched the dvd. I don't work out, but the instructions are very clear and precise, so I felt that I was doing the exercises correctly. I also liked that she provides instructions for absolute beginners up to advanced.

Very well put together, and the filming is of high quality.

Rated 10/10 A very professionally done instructional video
By Tom K / Riverton, WY, USA

I ordered the Boomers video and expected - - well I'm not sure what I expected, however, I was very pleasantly surprised from the very start.

First was the technical aspects of the video. It was done very well. Visually it showed you what you had to see, the sound was clear and understandable, and the navigation is straight forward.

Next was the content and the quality of instruction. Both were first rate. The though and planning of the presentation exemplifies the dedication of the Instructor and the people who produced this video.

I highly recommend it as a starting point for anyone wanting to get the benefits of Kettlebell training, and it is perfect for seniors.

Thank you to everyone involved.

Rated 10/10 I am new to exercise and new to Kettlebell workout
By Shasha Almekinder / Rochester NY, USA

I'm new to exercising and very new to working with Kettlebells. Andrea Du Cane really teaches how to use the Kettlebell properly and carefully so I hopefully won't accidentally hurt myself. I really enjoy Ms. Du Cane's presentation style and, of course, the Kettlebell workout is amazing and easy to do in one's own living room.

Rated 10/10 Good incentive to get moving regardless of age
By Richard Van Sant / Nekooosa WI, USA

DVD is easy to understand. It corrected the errors I made when starting with kettlebells.

Rated 10/10 Great for US boomers!
By vanessa walters / Red Cloud, USA

I bought this dvd a while back; I messed up when following one of the workouts, and I didnt do it again until lately. Then I bought Andrea DuCane's book Ageless Body and when the book arrived, I did this dvd again. It is a great workout! For me, it is a return to kettlebells workouts; I had 'burned out' and quit on them, for several months. I was pushing too hard, too much weight, and wrong techniques all led to being hurt. Now, I know better; this book and her Boomer dvd with its instruction on proper technique and safety will keep me on the safe, correct way to swing and enjoy swinging kettlebells again. I am 60, I recommend this dvd AND her new book as a set.

Rated 9/10 Good detailed demonstration for Kettlebell moves.
By Steve Austin / Denver, Colorado, USA

This DVD contains good explanation and demonstrations of most Kettlebell moves, presented for four progressive levels of fitness. The presentation of the Getup is especially good, showing each step from the initial position to the final position. The books that I have show the initial and final positions but ignore the intermediate steps. I was never able to do a Getup until I saw the demonstration in this DVD.

The lack of easy access to the Main Menu is a drawback for anyone wanting to go to a particular exercise or workout on the DVD. Getting to a particular spot on the DVD requires a lot of fast forward jumping around to find the spot you want.

Rated 1/10 Very Disappointing
By Ray / Florida

I am very sorry I bought this DVD. The instructor does no exercises but has her different students perform the various exercises depending on what kind of shape they are in. The layout is very confusing and trying to follow who is doing what level of exercise since the level the 4 students are performing at changes from exercise to exercise. Some exercises have nothing to do with kettlebells.
An enormous amount of time is spent on loosening up things like your fingers and ankles. I found the DVD useless. You are better off reviewing some U TUBE videos and put together your own routine.
If I could get a refund I would.

Rated 10/10 About time
By Gary Hall / Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA

Thank you Andrea. I tried the "powerbell" from a certain competitor who does nothing to explain how to safely use the kettlebell. I am 55 years old with an artificial hip and chrondomalacia patellae. No padding behind the kneecaps. My doctors grudgingly okayed kettlebell workouts. Now I have a kettlebell workout for my age group. I tried for advice on the forum but got no response. (Thanks a lot guys.) My only question is how do you know when to work up to heavier kettlebells?

Rated 9/10 Practical workout for older-than-average
By D. Karns / Madison, WI, USA

I'm only a few weeks into this work out, but that's further than any other workout lately. After years of taking care of others and letting my own health deteriorate, I need to build back up. This work out is already common sense in that I can see practical strength-building--carrying groceries, controlled sitting and standing movements, picking-up and reaching for things. All the sorts abilities that my mother slowly lost as she aged.

I started out going through the training/intros a couple times. Then did just part of the strength building section, working up to the whole section. Now I'm slowly adding in the cardio workout. That core strength section is so important though, I can tell that is what my body really needs at this point to be able to move on to other activities. I did get Du Cane's book too, and the DVD and book work nicely together.

I hate going to a gym and using focused machines and exercises. It's boring and that's not how we move in real life. The efficiency of the kettlebell exercises just makes sense. I also really like the athletes in the video--those are people and bodies that I can relate to and move in ways I can imagine doing myself some day!

Good job, thanks for this intro to kettlebells. I hope my journey with them is long and fruitful.

Rated 8/10 Begin with your fitness level in mind
By Ed Duda / Lawrence, Kansas, USA

I am very pleased with the DVD. When beginning to use the DVD as a workout guide, I suggest keeping in mind the rep, set, and rest period ranges, while building up slowly as your fitness level improves. I have added progressive calisthenics into my program with good results.

Rated 10/10 I like this DVD
By Brian Jordan / Whitchurch, Hampshire, UK

I have for some time been interested in using kettlebells as part of my fitness/health regime but at 68 years of age I wasn't sure of how to start and whether it was wise to start. After some hunting on the WWW I found a reference to this DVD, bought it and became interested enough to find a local trainer. The testimonials given by the trainees on the DVD and the emphasis on technique above out and out strength were very reassuring and a major influence on my getting involved. Because of Andrea's clear explanations I was also able to understand that my trainer was genuine and not just a gym instructor with kettlebells. Just a few months in and with improved balance and having lost a low-level backache I've had for some time I am a convert thanks in large part to this DVD.


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